Once a term for the past three years, there’s a night to end all other nights...

It’s that time again, for the BIGGEST night of term: the unmissable ARU SPORTS SOCIAL.

Over the years the Sports Social has become absolutely legendary, with the ARU sports teams taking over Ballare on mass for a massive night to remember! From Ruskin Raiders, cheer and dance, women’s rugby or the newly formed Mens Saxons Rugby, anyone who’s anyone is there.

Come join in with cheerleaders causing raucous mayhem all over Ballare and watch the drunken antics of the Rhinos American Football team Vs the Rugby guys. This year it looks like the football teams will also be giving everyone a run for their money!

If you’re not there for the booze and dancing, come for the costumes! As well as some turning up in their kits, there’ll be plenty of Halloween leftovers hitting the dancefloor, some dressing to impress and others in all out army gear as they declare war on Ballare! 

Dressed to impress or dressed to distress?

Buy tickets from your teams to help support them! Only £4 for the best night of term, with free booze and debauchery across the dance floor. £2.50 Sambuca, beer and J-bombs to get the night going, and two rooms of sick music to dance the night away.