ARU Ready? How to Survive Freshers' Week...

So you’ve got a few weeks to get ready for uni. Your mum’s getting on at you about packing, ARU has sent you a reading list, but all you want to do is sack those off for what’s important: Freshers’ Week.

First off, everyone knows that if you’re at ARU the Shameless UV White Party at Lola’s is where it’s at. Exactly what it says on the tin, Shameless has been bringing ARU students cheap drinks and good nights every Monday for the past 7 years and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. So whether you’re going to pull, meet new people or get shitfaced, Shameless has got your back.

But what are you meant to be doing in between the mad benders? There’s the union-organised tours of town on the Tuesday or Thursday, or if you’re really brave you can make a friend, hit up Google Maps, and head off to the Grafton or Mill Road for a shopping splurge before that. If you want to ward off the Freshers 15, you could also hit the uni gym, or check out the gym at Kelsey Kerridge that does deals for ARU students. If you want to hang out with further sporty people, you can also catch them at Revs on the Wednesday night! The traditional place to go on a Wednesday.

The next morning when you feel like a rat’s arse and know you’re going to die unless you get coffee, CB2 is the place to go and opposite a tattoo shop if you fancy making your freshers regrets permanent, this street is where you’ll spend half your time at uni. Just down the road is the Tram Depot, THE hangout for ARU students. Otherwise, if you’re lucky enough to be in CB1 or Railyard accommodation, you’re right next to Costa for that hangover coffee, or the Earl of Derby if you fancy going hair of the dog to get you through. Could even go for a hangover binge at Rockers American steak house over the bridge, money off for ARU students of course.

Speaking of the morning after, everyone knows you’re having a shit freshers' week if you’re not still drunk when you get to the Freshers’ Fair on Friday. But how do they get that way? The epic Memoria all-nighter of course.  Catering for everyone’s tastes every Thursday for 9 years, playing anything from RnB to International music, you’re guaranteed an awesome night at Memoria. Splash the cash on a table to try and impress your new mates (you won’t see them for the rest of term), or, if you’ve already spent your student loan, laugh at other people trying to impress by forking out, while you stick to tinnies. Whatever you’re drinking, you can party all night and hit the Freshers’ Fair the next morning bleary eyed, safe in the knowledge that you’ve smashed Freshers’ Week.